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Look at the MOM symbol from different perspectives and

learn how every spin gives it a new meaning

MOM 4 SYMBOLEN-2019-09-18-N_2500px_tinyp

In its most neutral form, as highlighted in this first image, one can recognize the letters M and O. They obviously refer to MOM or Murmur Of Monks, but they also stand for Mind Over Matter, one’s ability to use will power over physical limitations. Also an inverted cross is shown because the theory of ‘mind over matter’ is one that’s quite popular amongst satanists. Not that this band wants to be linked to these groups, but some of their ideologies are quite well-thought for anyone with an open mind. Learning to think for yourself for example. Becoming your own God and eventually using that inner strenght to break down your own boundaries. So that’s what ‘mind over matter’ means in this context. A positive force that drives people beyond this life in the flesh.

One spin to the left on the symbol reveals the letters E and O. They are defined as EOE or Equality On Earth. Although we humans seem to differ a lot from each other, there is a strong believe we’re all born with the same amount of potential, capabilities or talents. Regardless of what colour or shape we have. It mainly depends on the chances we are given in life, the education we get or the experiences we go through, whether we will succeed in finding and exploring our unique talents. And some people never do, alas. They seem unaware of what their destiny might be in this mortal life. While they should be digging deep within themselves and try to manifest their capabilities and create their own opportunities instead of waiting for them to happen.

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MOM 4 SYMBOLEN-2019-09-18-Z_2500px_tinyp

Another spin on the MOM letters gives you WOW. Words Of Wisdom is what it stands for. Mind you, the cross is in its most common used (Christian) position here, so it refers to the Bible. But it could’ve well been the Koran or the Tripitaka for that matter. The point is that all these holy books or texts, despite their controversy, still contain a lot of great knowledge and guidelines to become a better person. That’s why they still are such huge inspiration for so many people around the globe. So the power these words hold is beyond the discussion whether they are still relevant today. Because they truly remain remarkable scripts that will influence and guide many generations to come.

The final spin on the wheel showcases the numbers '3' and '0'.  Humwawa defined it as the number '303'. And as numerology is a belief on its own, he also gave this number its own meaning. The ‘3’ on the left is refering to the Trinity that was forced upon him when he was a child: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. The ‘3’ on the right is the Trinity that he got inspired by as an adult person: I Am, I Will, I Create. It represents The Triumvirate of the Living Continuum created by his mentor Trey Azagthoth, who in turn got his inspiration by the likes of philosophers like Deepak Chopra and motivators like Tony Robbins. The ‘0’ in between the threes symbolises the continuity of all these elements past and present.

MOM 4 SYMBOLEN-2019-09-18-O_2500px_tinyp
MOM LOGO_2019_09_14_rood (enkel cirkel +

There are also two circles and a rhombus displayed in the MOM-symbol. The inner circle symbolises Mother Earth, the creator of life. The outer circle is actually a ring. In many cultures the ring is held as the symbol of eternal loyalty, so the concept of Murmur of Monks is the interpretation of being faithful to yourself. Finally the rhombus outside the circle represents the overview we should keep on our own lives. Looking at yourself from a distance can be a great method to learn and evolve, as Plato’s Allegory of the Cave already tried to prove ages ago. But you should have a clear vision if doing so. That’s why the rhombus always has the same viewpoint, no matter what position the circle is in. The rhombus represents The Absolute Truth.

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