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Check the 5 commandments of M.O.M.

and learn what this band is all about.


Thou shalt be free

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Murmur Of Monks represents 100% artistic freedom. We release whatever we want, whenever we want it. No label or manager interference,  just plain DIY mentality.


Thou shalt be open

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Murmur Of Monks serves the principle of open-mindedness. Inspiration for our music comes from all corners of the world and all music genres we like. Eclectic is the name of our game.


Thou shalt not believe

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Despite all religious symbolism used in our works, Murmur Of Monks is an atheist band. Religion is only used for its symbolism and its art, not for its message.


Thou shalt not reveal

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By using pseudonyms and masking our identities we preserve the band’s obscurity. The reason is we believe the individual is subordinate to the bigger entity that is M.O.M.


Thou shalt not be loved

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There is a saying ‘unknown makes unloved’. And we happen to be total shit at promoting our band on social media. So that makes your support and visit here just more special to us! THX!!

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