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Humwawa keeps you informed on

the latest news regarding his band

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26 nov


MOM announces new album

"Artista Non Grata"

Murmur Of Monks is excited to announce its third full album “Artista Non Grata”, which will be available through on Friday December 8th 2023. According to mainman Humwawa the album is definitely the most versatile in the MOM catalogue. The A-side of the record features all of the typical MOM elements in a more traditional songwriting style. While the second half of the album has a horror soundtrack feel to it. Humwawa explains: “The last couple of years I immersed myself into the works of The Beatles and David Bowie. which was a very inspiring ride. They had a fearless way of writing songs. They constantly tried out different ideas without losing their main focus, which was writing catchy tunes and vocal lines. So no matter what style of music you play, you can always benefit from the lessons you learn by listening to their songs. So that's probably why some of the tracks on “Artista Non Grata” are a bit more accessible.” Thematically the songs on “Artista Non Grata” deal with subjects like alienation, rebellion and individuality. But there’s also an epic song called “Invaders” inspired by the ongoing wars in Ukraine and Gaza. The album will be proceeded by a video for the first single “Alienated”. Full “Artista Non Grata” tracklist: 1 Artista Non Grata 2 Rebel And The Goat 3 Wolf Amongst The Kettle 4 Alienated 5 Invaders 6 Coffin Break 7 Slavedrums And Sunset 8 Path To Extinction 9 Murmurs In The Rue Morgue 10 The Fragile Existence Of Courtisan Lovers 11 Coffin Break (reprise)

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08 dec


New trinities "Ballades Bij Avondgloed" & "Live Ballades"

Murmur Of Monks is excited to announce its brand new trinity “Ballades Bij Avondgloed”, which will be available on the 4th of January 2023 through The 3 instrumentals are labelled by Humwawa as ‘a concerto for piano, orchestra and digital sound pollution’. Inspiration for the songs came from one of Belgian’s main classical composers and musicologist Wim Mertens. The ‘Ballades Bij Avondgloed’ release also contains a free bonus trinity ‘Live Ballades’, including 3 non album MOM tracks performed live with The Masked Performance Theatre. This trinity will not be for sale separately, so consider it a New Year’s gift for the loyal MOM supporters! There is also a video available for ‘Avondgloed’, the first song of the upcoming release. “BALLADES BIJ AVONDGLOED” tracklist: 1.Avondgloed 2.Melancholie 3.Passiespel Bonus “LIVE BALLADES” tracklist: 4.Bedroeven (live) 5.Begeesteren (live) 6.Maskeren (live)

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02 nov


MOM celebrates 40 years of black metal with new song

To celebrate 40 years of the black metal genre, Murmur Of Monks has recorded its own black metal song called 'Blacktron Metal'. As the title of the song suggests (and in tradition with the blacktron genre) no real instruments were used to create this track. Actually, there aren't any guitar samples in the song too. According to Murmur Of Monks mainman Humwawa the essence of the track was to 'capture the black metal vibe with mere electronics, drum samples and a bunch of evil screams', which is quite different from the traditional way of playing black metal of course. According to Humwawa, the song was written, programmed and recorded in less than one day: "This way I was able to keep all spontaneity and primal aggression into the song, both essential elements for a true black metal feel in my opinion".   "Blacktron Metal" will be available as a digital stream/download through Murmur Of Monks' Bandcamp site ( on Friday November 11th, 2022.

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25 may


MOM announces new EP "Laibachesque"

Murmur Of Monks is very excited to announce its upcoming release, the 5-track EP 'Laibachesque'. The EP wil be available as a digital stream/download through on Friday June 10th, 2022. As the title of the EP suggests, the songs are a tribute to Slovenian band LAIBACH and the influence they've had on the sound of MURMUR OF MONKS since the very beginning. The EP contains no covers, only original songs by MURMUR OF MONKS featuring some of the typical LAIBACH elements.  Prior to its release a video for the song 'I Don't Like God, I Like Laibach' will be published. The EP will also be accompanied by full artwork and liner notes from mainman Humwawa, explaining the songs and their relation to Laibach. Full 'Laibachesque' track list: 1. Opus Diaboli 2. Jesus Christ Moviestar 3. Atheist Anthem 4. I Don't Like God, I Like Laibach 5. March For Laibach

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