Murmur Of Monks is a band on a mission, creating its own unique blends of dark and minor keyed music. Discover the many faces of MOM right here...

b l a c k t r o n

Blacktron is a subgenre in which (dark) electronic music is mixed with classical arrangements, acoustic instruments and eerie vocals, grunts or screams. Murmur Of Monks is one of the few bands to mix this unique combination of sounds. The title track of debut album 'Sacrament' introduced it, followed by the EP 'La Mort'.

g o r e o g r a p h y

Goreography focuses on dance choreography music with a twist of darkness, combining modern day electronics with elements from mainly classical and world music. The result is often accessible yet diverse, with songs clocking around the 3 minute mark.

g o t h s c o r e

Gothscore mixes soundtrack music with gothic and horror storytelling, often recited in a poetic way. 'Weeping Willow's Wisdom' from debut album 'Sacrament' was MOM's first attempt in combining these elements and it was later on perfected on the EP 'Poems'. The alliterating song titles and grim narrations are typical for this style.