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Murmur Of Monks is very excited to announce its upcoming release, the 5-track EP 'Laibachesque'. The EP wil be available as a digital stream/download through on Friday June 10th, 2022.

As the title of the EP suggests, the songs are a tribute to Slovenian band LAIBACH and the influence they've had on the sound of MURMUR OF MONKS since the very beginning. The EP contains no covers, only original songs by MURMUR OF MONKS featuring some of the typical LAIBACH elements. 

Prior to its release a video for the song 'I Don't Like God, I Like Laibach' will be published. The EP will also be accompanied by full artwork and liner notes from mainman Humwawa, explaining the songs and their relation to Laibach.  

Full 'Laibachesque' track list:

1. Opus Diaboli

2. Jesus Christ Moviestar

3. Atheist Anthem

4. I Don't Like God, I Like Laibach

5. March For Laibach

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