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March 27th, 2021

On April 12th 2021 Murmur Of Monks will officially release its new trinity by the name of "Goreography Act One - Biblical Beheadings".


The three new tracks will entirely focus on the Goreography genre, so expect more instrumental and danceable tunes containing some of the key MOM elements. The trinity was yet again written and recorded at the infamous Torture Tomb Studios in Torhout, Belgium with Humwawa handling full production and mixing. The EP was mastered by longtime MOM-engineer Brecht Tant at his Vrijspel_Studios.

Here are full details of the upcoming release:

Cover artwork:












1. The Beheading Of John The Baptist

2. The Beheading Of Apostle Paul

3. The Beheading Of Holofernes

The Trinity will be accompanied by a video for the second song on the EP "The Beheading Of Apostle Paul", which will be officially released in the coming weeks. 


1. MOM_Goreography
Anchor 2
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