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To celebrate 40 years of the black metal genre, Murmur Of Monks has recorded its own black metal song called 'Blacktron Metal'. As the title of the song suggests (and in tradition with the blacktron genre) no real instruments were used to create this track. Actually, there aren't any guitar samples in the song too. According to Murmur Of Monks mainman Humwawa the essence of the track was to 'capture the black metal vibe with mere electronics, drum samples and a bunch of evil screams', which is quite different from the traditional way of playing black metal of course.

According to Humwawa, the song was written, programmed and recorded in less than one day:

"This way I was able to keep all spontaneity and primal aggression into the song, both essential elements for a true black metal feel in my opinion".  

"Blacktron Metal" will be available as a digital stream/download through Murmur Of Monks' Bandcamp site ( on Friday November 11th, 2022.

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