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MOM's campaign for free artistic expression on social media

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What's the campaign about?

Since its conception as an art collective in 1996, Murmur Of Monks has always had a heart for art. We feel art is the free expression of an artist, which should be respected in its original form, as the artist intended it. But nowadays not all social media seem to look at it that way. Censorship is still a common thing on many of these platforms, as the least of nudity is being banned or censored in paintings, photography, sculptures and drawings from artists all over the world. Which is not only a disgrace to the artists' work, but also an old-fashioned way of thinking, because nudity has been admitted in art for many centuries already. 

But at the same time these social media do promote new technologies like face recognition, which could become a much bigger (and vulgar) threat on our privacy rights than showing a nipple or two. So Murmur Of Monks has launched a small campaign to keep people aware of these threats. To let them know that artists do have a problem with their works being banned or censored on social media.

How to support our campaign?

If you want to support our initiative you are more than welcome to join the Murmur Of Monks campaign for free artistic expression. As displayed by the people underneath, you can take part by launching a picture of yourself, anonymously (anti-face recognition) and in full frontal nudity pose (anti-censorship). And as a link to our band Murmur Of Monks, we also ask you to give it some religious connotation.So if you want your pic to be displayed on this website in the futur, you can either:

1) mail it directly to

2) or to keep your identity completely save and anonymous, you can also upload your pic via by using the following addresses:

    destination email address:

    sending email address:

    (All entries however must be 18 years or older)

The supporters of our campaign

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MOM letters_blauwe achtergrond_2000px_ed
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                                               the         omen

Murmur Of Monks is still looking for more enthousiastic ladies to launch our campaign!!!

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