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Murmur Of Monks was founded by Humwawa in the fall of 1996. Studying journalism in the city of Ghent (Belgium), he met up with some local artists that shared his interests in music, art and the occult. So they decided to exchange their passions and talents in a new alliance, which was based on ancient priories. Their goal was to evoke the same type of mystery that surrounded those covenants, including its religious symbolism. So to enhance the secrecy of their alliance all members used pseudonyms instead of their real names. Most of them were based on Sumerian mythology and the works of horror author H.P. Lovecraft (especially his infamous Necronomicon book,

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which became quite a myth amongst occult practitioners). So Murmur Of Monks was rather an art collective of inspired youngsters than a music band in those days. Amongst its members there were some self-claimed painters, musicians, architects, sculptors, writers and poets. During the nineties and the noughties Humwawa had two musical projects running under the MOM banner: Hymns From Hell and The Feeble Church. But as he didn’t have any professional equipment at the time, it didn’t live up to his own expectations, so he decided not to release his music officially. In the meantime the MOM-collective slowly began to fall apart and as the originator of the concept two decades earlier, Humwawa eventually decided to continue Murmur Of Monks all by himself in the summer of 2018. Only as a music project now instead of an art collective. MOM’s debut album Sacrament was officially released in late 2019. It was the first glimp into the eclectic sound

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of its new outfit. A texture of classical and world music instruments combined with eccentric vocals, gothic poetry and (dance) electronics. And with the religious symbolism omnipresent in the artwork, the song titles and the music. It was the foundation for many albums, EP's, trinities and singles to come, each of them concentrating on different aspects of the MOM sound. 

So with the founder of Murmur Of Monks sailing the ship all by himself now, the futur of this project seems to be secured and in good hands. And ready to be discovered by anyone who fancies some goreography, gothscore or blacktron music.


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